Land Rover Freelander 2 Leaking Sunroof

The Freelander 2, built by British automaker Land Rover is one of the most fun to drive compact luxury SUVs available. The Freelander has all of the comforts you would expect to find in a luxury vehicle with the added benefit of four-wheel drive, perfect for the weekend warrior or cruising about town. The Freelander is also extremely stylish, and is guaranteed to turn heads. As beautiful as these vehicles are, they do have some functional issues related to their accessories.

Frequently, LR2 owners experience problems with their sunroofs leaking. Usually, this occurs on older vehicles, but can also be a problem on vehicles with 30,000 miles or less. These owners report that at first they may notice wetness around the front seal of the sunroof, or it may be a full blown dripping leak. An examination of the window seals will determine whether the seals are cracked or deteriorating. If the seals are intact, the issue may be blocked drains coming away from the sunroof, either rusted shut or full or dirt.

While it may be easy to diagnose a faulty seal, replacing it properly can be tricky. And clogged drains may require removal of the vehicle’s headliner. For these reasons, we recommend making an appointment with a professional if your sunroof is leaking.

The helpful staff of trained service technicians at your local import service center will quickly evaluate your issue and plan a course of action. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction means you get more for your money than you could at a Land Rover dealership.

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