Land Rover Discovery 4 Intermittent Dash Rattle

Released in 2009, the 4th generation Land Rover Discovery was a continuation of Land Rover’s successful mid-size luxury SUV that also contained spectacular off-roading capabilities. Featuring a redesigned interior and an upgraded brake system, this vehicle also soared above its predecessors with its new twin-sequential turbochargers which gave the engine greater operating possibilities. Owners often complain of their Discovery exhibiting an intermittent dash rattle.

Rather than being symptomatic of any grave issue, a dashboard rattle has the capability of being a major irritant for both drivers and passengers. Often, the sound comes from one specific place—by the speakers, around the vents, near where the windshield meets the dash, etc.—and is relatively intermittent: when brought to a mechanic, the sound conveniently disappears only to return again within a few days.

Usually, the ultimate cause of a rattling dashboard lies with several pieces of the dash rubbing together somewhere where they weren’t made to fit as perfectly together as is necessary for a whisper-quiet ride. Once the dashboard is dismantled, many owners find that stuffing various pieces of felt, old socks, or fabric in and around the problem area cuts down dramatically on the amount of rattling within the dashboard.

Even though this might seem like the ideal place to test out your DIY chops, it is worth considering the fact that the rattle very often occurs by the windshield, and solving it involves placing pressure around the base of the glass. Any misstep in this area could easily result in a smashed windshield and a much bigger problem on your hands. Therefore, bring your Discovery 4 to a nearby import maintenance technician for a thorough—and safe—remediation of all rattling.

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