Common Repairs on the Land Rover Discovery 4

A redesigned interior, drastically improved break system, and a new automatic gearbox were some of the hallmarks of the 4th generation Land Rover Discovery. The most recent iteration of a classic automobile family, the Discovery 4 retained many of the same physical dimensions of the Discovery 3, but with an increased curviness added to the front grille and bumper. Some of the problems Discovery 4 owners may experience are:

Intermittent “Normal Height Only” Suspension Fault: The feature that allows you to raise and lower the suspension—most helpful if you plan on doing any off-roading with the vehicle—fails, making you unable to adjust the suspension at all.

Electrical Problems with the Infotainment System: The speakers stop working, the phone controls on the steering wheel do nothing, and other systems of this kind are either failing or gone completely.

Heated Windshield Problems: One side of the windshield no longer melts the ice and snow like it should. If the problem worsens, you might be left with a completely frozen over windshield.

Intermittent Dash Rattle: An irritating problem, the rattling is usually due to several components in the dashboard rubbing together in problematic ways.

Transmission Issues—Delay in Drive: If the car pauses for any reason before immediately shifting into drive, then you are in a very serious situation that will only get worse the longer it is neglected.

Taking care of these problems immediately should be a top priority for any Discovery 4 owner. For the best experience and the lowest cost, we highly suggest that you bring your LR4 to an experienced British Auto repair expert who will have seen most—if not all—of these issues before and be able to easily tackle any problem that emerges.

Search for a local, independent Land Rover repair shop with Land Rover mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.