Land Rover Discovery 3 Air Suspension Squeak

Both Land Rover and its parent company Jaguar are iconic British automakers that enjoy a worldwide reputation for luxury. The Land Rover sports utility vehicle has been in production in some form since 1948 with the third generation LR3 (2004 to 2009) among the best of them. As rugged and reliable as these vehicles are, they do experience a mechanical issue here and there.

One such issue concerns a squeak in the air suspension. Some drivers of the Discovery 3 have reported hearing a squeaking noise coming from their Rovers. The noise was first detected when the SUV was driven over a bumpy patch of the road leaving the owners to speculate that the source of the squeak may be the air suspension system. To test this, it may be necessary to jack the car up the car to give you a better idea of the source of the squeak.

The problem may be the air line, bag or seal kit and if you suspect that this might be the case, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem further. Using soapy water will help you determine the problem area. If this is the case then one, if not all, of the air struts may need to be completely rebuilt and the dampers replaced.

If you are the owner and driver of a LR3 SUV and are hearing a squeak in the air suspension system, you should bring your vehicle in for inspection by a trained import technician. There's a good chance that you will save money over a dealership on the repair.

Search for a local, independent Land Rover repair shop with Land Rover mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.