3rd Generation Range Rover Windshield Wiper Issues

The 3rd Generation Range Rover (L322), manufactured from 2002-2012, is a British import made by Land Rover. Among its impressive features are four-wheel independent air suspension and twelve-way power seats. Despite this vehicle’s world-renowned technologies, this sports utility vehicle has been said to have a few common problems, such as windshield wiper issues.

Some drivers have reported this failure occurring concurrently with central locking malfunctions, but this is not always the case. Some owners have reported that their wipers fail completely and permanently, while others have found that the malfunctions occur only in heavy rain, which is, of course, when the wipers are needed most.

For an immediate and temporary fix, a driver might try turning the car off and back on a few times. If an owner is comfortable, he or she may attempt to check the fuses. Frequently, however, the problem is caused by a water leak, sometimes near the windshield. The vehicle’s trim must be removed in order to check for this problem, and this can be tricky to do. Some owners have damaged their L322 while attempting to discover this diagnosis. Finally, the problem could also be within the motor, control unit, writing, or other parts and systems.

Malfunctioning windshield wipers are a safety concern, and for the well-being of you and your passengers, you should contact a nearby Range Rover service shop right away. Specialized independent technicians are an ideal dealership alternative, as they will be able to offer affordable solutions. Avoid the frustrations and risks associated with DIY projects, and contact these professionals today.

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