3rd Generation Range Rover Door Handle Failure

The 3rd Generation Range Rover (L322), produced from 2002-2012, is a British off-road SUV. This large luxury vehicle, whose predecessor was the P38A, is available in both petrol and diesel engines but can only be found as an automatic, not a manual. Despite the praise this foreign import received from owners and critics, like any auto, the L322 is prone to a few common problems, such as door handle failure.

Drivers have complained that, suddenly, one of their doors fails to open. Oftentimes, the door will not open regardless of whether the operator uses the inside or outside handle, and there seems to be no resistance. Typically, the problem is within the cable inside the door, as it can snap, become dislocated, or a clip can become separated from the cable.

Some owners have attempted do-it-your-self repairs. Unfortunately, this often results in damaged parts, such as an accidentally bent door panel or an intentionally broken handle, as some owners go so far as to sheer off the handle in order to access the internal portion of the door. Other drivers have slid flat materials between the rubber and the glass hoping to break in, so to speak, but the Range Rover is a particularly secure vehicle, and these methods will fail; the actuator will deactivate all release mechanisms.

If service fees are of any concern, as they are for most of us, contact an independent import repair garage. These professionals specialize in your vehicle, yet they will be able to offer more affordable advice and repairs. Your 3rd Generation Range Rover is a luxury import, and it should be enjoyed as such.

Search for a local, independent Land Rover repair shop with Land Rover mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.