3rd Generation Range Rover Automatic Transmission Failure

The 3rd Generation Range Rover (L322) was manufactured from 2002-2012. This British import shares parts with BMW vehicles, and, unsurprisingly, it has been praised for its technologies. However, like any new make and model, this sport utility vehicle developed a few common problems such as automatic transmission failure.

If your 3rd Generation Range Rover struggles to change gears, the problem might be your auto’s gearbox. These sensations typically progress to a prattling sound while the vehicle is in motion, and dashboard faults, such as the engine or gear lights, may or may not accompany the symptoms. The L322 is equipped with ZF and GM5 gearboxes, which, as manufactures have come to find, are prone to malfunctions.

Transmission issues should be addressed immediately. Sometimes, if you catch the problem early enough, the unit can be repaired instead of replaced. Driving a vehicle with a failing transmission will most likely, sooner or later, result in your being stranded somewhere. Furthermore, unusual auto noises can indicate a variety of internal problems, some of which can be dangerous to both you and your passengers.

For reasonably priced, expert service, contact your nearby foreign import garage. Specialized mechanics are an ideal dealership alternative, and they will share your passion for Land Rover. They will be familiar with your L322’s most common problems, so these experienced technicians will have access to the proper tools and resources to address your concerns and resolve your luxury SUV’s failures. Due to their affordable service charges, you can return to the enjoyment of your Range Rover as soon as possible.

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