1st Generation Range Rover Sport Knocking Noise Driving Over Uneven Pavement

Land Rover produced the first generation Range Rover Sport from 2005 to 2013. The mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle was a popular model for the British automaker which isn't to say that it never requires maintenance or repair. Problems do arise occasionally that may require the assistance of a trained professional.

One issue that has been reported by owners of this SUV is a knocking noise that occurs when the Sport is being driven over uneven pavement. This problem generally occurs at low speeds and it may be difficult to detect exactly where the sound is coming from. One theory on this suggests that the problem may have something to do the Dynamic Response system that is fitted on the Range Rover Sport models.

Other RRS drivers contend that the issue has to do with the sway bar bushings, while some drivers suspect a problem with the front suspension. Regardless of the cause or the source of this knocking sound, this is something that should be thoroughly investigated by a mechanic. There's a good chance that it is a sign that a much bigger problem is developing and it is a good idea to fix the problem before it becomes an issue of safety.

If you are the owner of a 1st Generation Range Rover Sport and have detected a knocking noise coming from your vehicle, you should bring it in for inspection by a trained Land Rover technician. This is often times the cheaper option than taking it in to the dealership.

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